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  • Race to 6/5; finals: one race to 8 (One-loss-side race may be shortened depending on # of entries)

  • Lag for the first break then alternate breaks.

  • Rack your own. 

  • Events follow Texas Express 9-ball rules.  All decisions regarding the rules are at the discretion of the tournament director.

  • The tournament format will be double elimination and will have a blind draw for bracket position following the players meeting. 

  • Calling a referee is the responsibility of the non-shooting player before any controversial shot is attempted.  The decision of the ref is final.

  • Jump cues are allowed for NCPT events. But this option will be at the room’s discretion. It will be announced during the players meeting.

  • 3-foul rule is in effect.


Registration & Entry Register at  Tournament entry is $60 ($5 registration fee included). Payment can be made online with PayPal/Zelle/CashApp/Venmo via friends and family or cash the day of the event.  First paid plays. Register early so we can ensure a nice field!

-Cashapp, $DreamyVee
•PayPal, be sure to choose Friends and Family (do not select goods or services) or your entry will NOT be paid in full! Click here to pay: Payment will be made to Vanessa Hood (Email:

Dress Code There is no dress code. But please note we are aiming to have a live stream at our event. Photos will also be taken throughout the day.  Please look presentable.


Etiquette Coaching is not allowed during matches. Whenever possible, players must be seated while their opponent is shooting.  Unscrewing your cue while your opponent is at the table is loss of game. Conversation with spectators is not allowed.  The use of ear plugs is prohibited during matches. If on the live stream, please do not concede any balls.


Brackets NCPT utilizes League Pool Stats to maintain the tournament bracket.  You can view the brackets online at  All results are forwarded to FargoRate.

Forfeits Players will have 10 minutes to report to their match, once the match is called. If a player fails to report to their assigned table within the allotted 10 minutes, the player will forfeit one game. If the player is not at their table within 15 minutes of the called match, the absent player forfeits that match.  It is the player's responsibility to keep an eye on the bracket.


Time-Outs Each player is allowed one 5-minute time-out during each match.  A time-out may be taken only between racks.


Shot Clock Usage  The 30 second shot clock begins when all balls have stopped rolling and stops when the cue tip strikes the cue ball.  Failure to shoot within the 30 second rule is a foul. When the shot clock is exercised, there will be 30 seconds allowed per shot, with one 30-second extension per game. Players will receive a 10-second warning. A ten 10-second warning will not be issued when a player is down over a shot.  If 20 or more seconds has elapsed and the player stands up or breaks focus in any way from the shot, a ten (10) second warning is then issued. On matches that are hill-hill, one additional 30-second extension will be allowed per player in the final rack. Please note: Time is of the essence so a match may be put on the clock at any time, at the tournament director’s discretion.


Pool Rooms and Sponsors We encourage NCPT players to support our pool rooms and sponsors.  Anything you can do to spread the word, either by mouth or social media, will greatly benefit those that have invested with the tour. During the tournament, sharing is caring, and of course, spending at the establishment is highly encouraged.  Invite your friends and family to the event as well!  As we obtain more sponsors, do what you can to promote.  Without their support, there is no NCPT.


Payouts The top 33% of the field will be paid. All entry fees and added money listed on the flyer, minus the greens fees & $5 registration per player, will go back to the payout. Added money will be based on a full field unless otherwise stated. Any sponsorship funds & registration fees will go toward a combination of added money, prize money for the year-end awards, equipment, paid entries for qualifying events, and organizational expenses.  NCPT will use a tournament payout calculator to determine the breakdown of the payout. NCPT may adjust the resulting amounts, rounding up or down to create round numbers.


Side Pot/Calcutta At some events, players will have the option to enter a side pot or calcutta. The top 25% of the players that entered. Only players who have entered will be eligible to win.

Raffles NCPT may raffle items to sustain the tour.  Any raffle money will go toward a combination of added money, prize money for the year-end awards, equipment, and organizational expenses.

Conduct It is important that players at NCPT events exhibit professional behavior at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct, abusive language, intentional sharking, and deliberate destruction of equipment will not be tolerated during our events. Doing so will result in an automatic forfeit of matches and loss of entry fee. Players may also be banned from attending future events, based on the tournament director’s discretion.


All decisions regarding the rules are at the discretion of the tournament director.

NCPT ... Play.