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Eric "StraightPoolEye1" Nelson

Eric is a PBIA certified instructor, Monk Certified 101 Road Master instructor, and BCA and Cue Sport College of Cueing Art instructor. He has been a supporter of NCPT since its inception and continues to support pool players all over the country.  

His patience, knowledge, and determination will help any player reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Facebook Page:                Phone: (630) 973-0468

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The pool player's best friend, loyally and faithfully serving pool players since 2003.


3,000+ cues, cases, and accessories · Low prices ·
Free shipping available · 60-day easy returns · In-house experts on staff · Free shipping at $99

NCPT sanctioned players receive an additional 5% discount on most products (excluding premium brands)


Rho Reyes

The North Central Pool Tour is lucky to have Rho on our team. Rho created our logo design, and it sparked the vibe that resonates throughout the website, social media, and various marketing materials. This element embodies the tour: a circular logo enclosing 10-ball rack with hues of blues, green & white which are the colors we often associate with pool.  Rho's creative genius will be on display for the North Central Pool Tour for many years to come.  Thank you Rho for your support! 

NCPT is an up and coming tour in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We are eager to create a partnership with your business as we continue to grow. 

We have many unique sponsorship opportunities available for you!

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